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Architects and Building Surveyors

Architects & Building Surveyors

The Information Asset Group has a complete understanding of which documents make up...

Board and Company Secretariat

Board & Company Secretariat

The Information  Assets Group  has a complete understanding of which documents...

Chapter and Verse

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse (Policy, Procedure, Certification and Compliance) from the...

HR Document Management

HR Document Management

We understand the importance of dealing with your archives both professionally and with...

General Property Information Assets

Properties and Estates

We have been successfully working with Property and Estate Departments  within every...

Retail Property

Retail Property and Estates

We have been successfully working with the Retail sector for over 10 years, providing...

Pensions Management

Pension Management System

The IA Group has now developed the most efficient document management resource aimed at...

Legal Documentation

Legal Contracts Management System

A bespoke and tailor designed system to provide complete control over the Legal Contracts...


O&M Aggregation and Bureau Services

We enable you to get to Practical Completion on-time with Quality O&M Manuals and...

Financial Document Management

Financial Document Management

A bespoke and tailor designed system to provide complete control over the Finance...

Facilities Management

We know one thing about Facilities Managers: not one FM job is the same as the next. But here you can find a way of saving them all...

Most FMs have three aspects close to their hearts every day:

  1. Reduce Costs
  2. Minimise Square footage
  3. Robust Disaster recovery

Our products and services can help you achieve all three of these goals. The cost of sitting an employee at a desk is variable; location, style, and services all contribute to the cost. But it is the amount of storage space that is a huge contributory factor, especially if the items stored are never referred to regularly.

Are you struggling to keep track of all your documentation and files? We may have a solution for you... The Information Assets Group  FM Service can plan how a system of storage can be built around your role, and will tailor it exactly to your needs.