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In brief

Chapter & Verse offers complete management control of your certification and policy documentation, with every document having key meta data such as Owner, Author, Date Expiry/Renewal, Full Audit Trail. It also features a "Traffic Light" system to show documents close to expiry or renewal.

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse (Policy, Procedure, Certification and Compliance) from the Information Assets Group is a complete, bespoke and flexible product aimed at controlling the rising requirement to govern and control compliance, procedure, policy and certification.

Whether you are a Primary, Junior, Pre-Pep,  Secondary School, 6xth Form,  College, University, Football Club, Hospital, Prison, Retail Chain, Brewery, Local Authority, Sports Centre, Museum, Art Gallery, Restaurant Chain, Public Utility,  Library, Public Building, Shopping Centre, Car Park, SME or PLC you will have a requirement to keep up-to-date and relevant Certification, Compliance Documentation, Policy and Procedure documents. This further encroaches into departmental documentation such as HR, Pensions, Finance, Board & Secretariat, Facilities Management, Legal, Procurements, Estates, Contracts, and on and on...

There has been a huge increase in the required bureaucracy and legislation which must be made available on demand. Depending on the size of organisation, this could range from some 20 documents to some 5,000 documents!

We provide a secure web-based system which manages and stores these documents. The key features of our system include:

  •  Traffic Light System to show status of document (expired, close to expiry/review, in date etc  
  • Other event management modules and workflows  
  • Full Reporting    Author and Owner Control   
  • Full Audit Trail at every perceivable level and status   
  • Multiple Role Based Access ( from Student to Director)   
  • Security status for each document

Our systems are all developed using the Microsoft Development Suites, which ensures compatibility with all Windows platforms, including legacy systems like XP and Internet Explorer 6.

It would be too much to list all such 5,000 policy and procedure types here, but we have provided a sample batch (see our Information Assets section for a more thorough listing).

  • School Policy & Procedures
  • Whole School Medical Policy
  • Unversity Policy & Procedures (FM & Estates)
  • Certification
  • Compliance