Information Assets.Lists

A definition:

An Information Asset is a definable piece of information, stored in any manner which is recognised as 'valuable' to the organisation. The information which comprises an Information Asset, may be little more than a prospect name and address file; or it may be the plans for the release of the latest in a range of products to compete with competitors. 

Irrespective, the nature of the information assets themselves, they all have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • They are recognised to be of value to the organisation. 
  • They are not easily replaceable without cost, skill, time, resources or a combination. 
  • They form a part of the organisation's corporate identity, without which, the organisation may be threatened.
  •  Their Data Classification would normally be Proprietary, Legal, Highly Confidential or even Top Secret.

It is the purpose of the Information Assets Group to identify the threats against, the risks and the associated potential damage to, and the safeguarding of Information Assets.

Scanning and effective Document Management are key to understanding and protecting the Property Information Assets.

In the world of Property/Estates/FM and H&S we can identify the following document types as "Information Assets" of a single building and the entire Property Portfolio.

In our 20 years of commercial experience we have now identified over 1500 different document types which go to make up and allow the wheels and cogs of a building and of property portfolios to function properly, safely and efficiently.