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Architects and Building Surveyors

Architects & Building Surveyors

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Board and Company Secretariat

Board & Company Secretariat

The Information  Assets Group  has a complete understanding of which documents...

Chapter and Verse

Chapter & Verse

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HR Document Management

HR Document Management

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General Property Information Assets

Properties and Estates

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Retail Property

Retail Property and Estates

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Pensions Management

Pension Management System

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

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O&M Aggregation and Bureau Services

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Financial Document Management

Financial Document Management

A bespoke and tailor designed system to provide complete control over the Finance...

Legal Contracts Management System

A bespoke and tailor designed system to provide complete control over the Legal Contracts of your Organisation. Solutions for PLCs, SMEs, Utilities, Local Gov, Schools and Universities, Charities, Prisons, Hospitals, Football Clubs, Construction Industry, Associations, organisations and societies.

We have extensive knowledge in providing departmental contracts systems too ( e.g. Property, IT etc). Our system features a Traffic Light Event warning system for contracts coming up for renewal or expiry; the ability to upload multiple document types (contract, T&Cs, Quotation, failed-company-quotations and so on), plus full management reporting, and an extensive audit trail.

Our bespoke product is designed to the client's specific requirements, and can include any or all of the example meta information and fields listed below (enabling you to organise or search by such data):

  • Company Name
  • Document Type (NDA, Quotation etc)
  • Contract Number
  • Contract Details
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Name
  • Internal Contact
  • Supplier Contact
  • Date of Contract
  • Start Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Review Date
  • Term
  • Notice Period
  • Renewal Reminder
  • Licence Metric
  • Operating Unit
  • Cost
  • Period Charge
  • Finance
  • Contract Overview
  • Contract Notes
  • Comments
  • Risk to Business
  • Liability
  • Obligations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Exclusivity

Document Types that can be loaded into the system could Include:

  • Agreement
  • Application Form
  • Contract
  • Contract Ammendment
  • Enterprise Agreement
  • Enterprise Licence Order
  • Framework Agreement
  • Interim Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Letter of Committment
  • Letter of Engagement
  • Letter of Termination
  • Licence & Service Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Maintenance & Support Renewal
  • Master Agreement
  • Master Licence Agreement
  • Master Umbrella Agreement
  • NDA
  • Product Order Form
  • Proposal
  • Quoation
  • Renewal Notification
  • Sales Agreement
  • Schedule
  • Select Agreement
  • Service & Maintenance Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions

The benefits of our Litigation Support Services are numerous. Not only will the system reduce costs associated with the storage and retrieval of paper-based documentation (there are zero cost of ownership on software and hardware), but you also get improved data accuracy, accelerated capture and processing of critical litigation information, and accelerated delivery of data and documents to litigation support systems.

Other features of our Litigation Support Services include:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced paralegal staff
  • Round the clock document support systems
  • Copying, scanning and OCR
  • Objective coding
  • Project and quality management
  • Repository management
  • Onsite project document capture
  • Bates numbering / electronic image pagination
  • Document preparation / reconstruction
  • Document splitting and automated image separation process