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Pension Management System

The IA Group has now developed the most efficient document management resource aimed at Pension Departments. The  IA Group  Pension Document Management Suite of software with Waystation drag-and-drop functionality (enabling you to add your own scanned images, word documents and emails).

The system means that organisations are able to undertake their own scanning in-house (or outsource them on an ad-hoc basis to a scanning bureau of your choice). The online document retrieval system will be tailored to the organisation's requirements of Pensions records. For example, instead of a single e-folder for each employee, you could define up to 30 e-folders (each with their own corresponding document types).

Departmental Pension Records

Not only can the IA Group provide an efficient document management system for the pension member files, but also for the General Departmental documents too. These can of course all be organised into financial years.


The IA Group  can bespoke design a number of Waystations for your internal department and your external users. Thus a number of administrative operatives within the HR Department will be able to add, new documents (Word or Excel files, JPEG images, emails, and so on) as well as any external parties you desire. Security and document/tab access rights are fully-defined for both the website and the waystation.

And when it comes to adding a new document, the admin-operative only adds a document to these particular tabs in these easy steps:

  1. Drag and Drop a file on to the Waystation Window (e.g. scanned image or word doc )
  2. Choose an employee
  3. Choose a tab (e.g. Leaving, Retirement etc)
  4. Choose a Document Type (e.g. Early Voluntary)
  5. Save the Document...
  6. Drag and drop the file on to the Waystation Window

The site includes full user and document audit trail, so that administrators can see who has added what documents, and who has looked at them.

New Document Workflow

We can also provide various work flow modules for the new documents which will arrive in the Pensions Department on an ongoing basis. This feature is called the "New Document Notification" function.

A typical scenario: The Department receives a letter from a Member requesting an estimate of the value of their pension, if they were to retire on the 15th February, 2015. The letter can of course get scanned into the system as described above. However, so can the reply.

At the point where the Pensions Operative uploads the original scanned image to the Pensions EDM system, they can set the "New Documentation Notification" Flag. The new document will then be assigned to the Administration Team or a specific administrator - detailing that a response is required.

In another part of the Pensions Department, an Administrator can log in to the "New Document Notification" section of the EDM System to see the required workload for the day. Once the Administrator accepts ownership of the New Document, it is "greyed out" until the response is actually uploaded to the system (at which point it disappears from the "New Document Notification" section).

Documents that have been assigned to a specific Administrator can be refused or reallocated back to the general Administration team. The system can generate reports for management to show/indicate documents which have not been either allocated or completed within a set time period.

If an Administrator goes on holiday, or is ill or leaves, all their allocated "New Document Notification" tasks can be reallocated.

The system has a full audit trail which follows all documents and workflow of all documents throughout its entire lifecycle on the system.