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Retail Property

Retail Portfolio

Below is a comprehensive list of what makes up a retail...

General Property Portfolio

General Property Information Assets

Below is a comprehensive list of the kinds of documentation included in a general...

Chapter and Verse

H & S Compliance, Certification and Policy

Health and safety compliance requires you keep up-to-date many policies and certificates....


Property Deed Packets

We know what makes up a Property Deed Packet.
There are many documents that make up the...

Board and Company Secretariat

Legal, Board & Company Secretariat

The information assets portfolio of legal, board and company secretariat comprise a...

HR Document Management

Human Resources Information Assets

The information assets of a human resources department or document portfolio comprise a...

Legal Documentation

Education School Policy Information Assets

Schools and other education establishments are required to have and keep up-to-date a...

Pension Information Assets

Our Pension Information Assets database management systems can help manage your pension documents. Typically, our document management systems incorporate cataloguing criteria, such as:

  • AVCs
  • Contributions
  •  Data Reconciliation
  • Death
  • Dependents
  • Divorce
  • Estimates
  • Ill Health
  • Leaving
  • Lifetime and Annual Allowance
  • Retirement
  •  Salaries and Service
  • Severance
  • Transfers in and out
  • Welfare

Actual Members Information

All of the following fields can be sorted and searched: Surname, Forename, NI Number, DOB, Scheme, Payroll number, Scheme Reference (SS/SA/SM etc), SD number (NHS only), and Membership number (USS only).

Other Pension Departmental Systems

Not only can we provide an efficient document management system for the pension member files, but also for the General Departmental documents too. These can of course all be organised into financial years, and include sorting and management by a number of optional criteria, including: Bank deposits and statements; college contributions; opt outs; scheme CA forms to HMRC; Scheme invoices, payments, monthly receipts or quarterly payments, and many more.